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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Instructional Technology

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A collaborative degree between the University of Maine, the University of Maine Farmington, and the University of Southern Maine.


The University of Maine Master’s program in Instructional Technology is a 33-credit fully online degree.  It is designed to help students become leaders in effective and innovative uses of current and emerging technology.  The required coursework, research, and clinical experiences are designed for educators working in a variety of contexts.  Students will engage in inquiry-based curriculum and build capacity to continually assess their local context; implement technology to enhance teaching, learning and assessment; build professional learning networks to support ongoing professional development; and develop expertise in current and emerging instructional technologies. Essential to this program is a commitment to local community, advocacy for accessibility, and social justice, especially in the context of the potential for new technology to influence local educational settings.

The Masters in Instructional Technology is designed to investigate the following central questions:

  • Learning Environments: How do educators leverage technology to create environments that support the development of diverse skills, and emphasize challenging learning experiences?
  • Teaching and Learning: How can technology enhance teaching and learning partnerships that support and promote innovative models of deeper learning?
  • Digital Citizenship: How can educators promote an understanding of the social, ethical and legal issues and responsibilities related to a globally connected society?
  • Professional Practice: How can educators develop and model pedagogical and andragogical principles of learning to promote professional growth and practice in a globally connected society?
  • Leadership: How can educators align vision, implementation, and practice to foster learning enhanced by technology?


Core Courses (21 credits)

  • EDT 520 Digital Age Teaching and Learning Methods
  • EDT 531 Studio in Computing for Learning
  • EDT 540 Instructional Design and Project Management
  • EHD 510 - Introduction to Educational Research
  • Technology for All Learners (speak with advisor for options)
  • EDT 559 - Leadership for Educational Technology
  • Capstone - 1 of the following
    • EDT 657, Educational Practicum
    • EDT 693, Educational Internship
    • EDT 543 Practicum in Instructional Design

Electives (12 credits of approved electives)




The University of Maine, in collaboration with the University of Southern Maine, and the University of Maine at Farmington is pleased to announce a new 100% online Certificate of Advanced Studies in the field of Instructional Technology.  This is an advanced degree for students to build upon work during a masters and to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge.  Students must have completed a masters degree, in education or a related field, to be accepted to this program.

The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Instructional Technology will require a minimum of 30 credit hours to complete. The exact course of study will be planned in careful consultation with an academic advisor. We look forward to working with you as you define your new direction, and grow as a professional and leader in the field of educational technology.

A minimum of 30 semester hours past a master’s degree is required to earn the C.A.S. Coursework is taken at the 500/600 level. Students also are required to complete a capstone experience, such as an action research project or internship. All work for the C.A.S. must be completed within a six-year period.

Requirements for Admission:

  • Online application
  • Official transcript for earned bachelor’s degree
  • Official transcript for earned master’s degree
  • Graduate GPA of 3.25 or above
  • A 500-700 word statement describing the educational challenges you have encountered in your work, and how you think the CAS program might help you overcome those challenges. You are encouraged to review the available course listings and mention a few specific courses from the instructional technology program, or other graduate areas, that would be relevant to the your goals.
  • One letter of recommendation from a current administrator



For more information: https://online.umaine.edu/contact-us/  or umaineonline@maine.edu

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