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2002-2003 Graduate Catalog 
2002-2003 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Resource Utilization

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The graduate program in Resource Utilization is an interdisciplinary program to train people in the use, development, and conservation of natural resources. The program is designed to fulfill requirements for the Master of Science degree.

Resources of the Department of Forest Management, The Department of Resource Economics and Policy, and the Department of Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences are employed in support of the program. Interdisciplinary in nature, the program promotes the integration of information needed to solve problems in resource management.

The student will work under the direction of any of the three cooperating units (Department of Forest Management, Department of Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences, Department of Resource Economics and Policy.) Candidates will select an advisory committee chairperson from the unit in which training is to be emphasized. Normally, at least one member from one of the other two units would be selected to meet the three-member graduate committee requirement. The student may develop an interdisciplinary program of study emphasizing the socioeconomic or the biological and chemical aspects of natural resource management. This could include a broad range of environmental issues pertaining to soil and water resources, as well as forested and agricultural ecosystems.

Requirements of the program include a minimum of 30 graduate degree credit hours, including six credits given for the thesis. In addition to the core courses required by the academic unit under which the student pursues the M.S. degree in Resource Utilization, the student is required to take at least one course from one of the two other cooperating units. A minimum of 12 credit hours (exclusive of thesis) of 500 and/or 600 level course work also is required.

The program of study is planned by the student in consultation with the advisory committee. The interests, background courses, and future needs of the student will be considered in course selection.

Admission to the program of study is by application to the Graduate School. Recommendation of the department in which the student takes the major portion of work and the approval of the Director of the Graduate School are required. Applicants must have received a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent from an accredited university and must have demonstrated promise to pursue advanced study in resource utilization. Results of performance in the Graduate Record Examination must be submitted with other application material.

Resource Utilization Advisory Committee

Professor David B. Field, Department of Forest Management

Associate Professor Susan Erich, Department of Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences

Assistant Professor Jonathan Rubin, Department of Resource Economics and Policy.

Partial List of Electives

Biological and Marine Sciences

  • Credits: 3
  • INT 640 Seminar in Ecology Credits / Units: 3

  • OCE 501 Biological Oceanography
  • Credits / Units: 3

Forest Management

Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences

Public Administration

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